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What is a Psychic?
If you are like me, you have probably used Google and read a million different meanings about what a psychic is. Some definitions you can comprehend and others are just explanations from another universe. I asked one of our in house psychics from Best Psychic Site .com, Maxx Angenetta Jones, what is a psychic? Here’s what she answered , “A psychic is a male or female person who has the innate ability to have access to unknown information of people, places and things. They have the ability to know where you may have been in your life, what you are presently doing and what possibilities you may be heading towards in the future. “

Now that’s, just a simplified definition. If you speak to 100 different psychics, each will give you 100 different answers but all would pretty much agree with this basic definition.

Now to complicate things a bit more there are different types of “gifts” or abilities a psychic may possess and you should really familiarize yourself with these prior to selecting your best psychic. Please feel free to click on this link that will take you to a blog containing the explanations of the various techniques a psychic reader would use to be able to select the right reader for you. To find out more about
How can I find a good psychic?
Honestly, its word of mouth. Finding a good psychic is the same as finding a great doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc. We look to referrals from the mouths of our friends, family, or colleagues in order for us to trust that someone is good. In this day and age so much actual research from the so called “experts” is meaningless. Do a Google search and everyone is the BEST. We have been lied to, taken advantaged and duped by commercials and fake testimonials produced by the mass media and corporate giants to manipulate who we spend our money with and how we spend our money. They don’t care about the results, they care about the money. Look, everyone wants and needs to make money, and there should always be an exchange for services. However, you want it to be a fair and honest exchange.

I suggest that you ask friends or family members or go onto Facebook and post the question, “What is The Best Psychic Site out there”. Ask people who may be into this sort of thing, also I’d definitely read testimonials. Whenever I want to purchase something from someone, I look at Google business and read what people have to say about the company in their testimonials. I find that to be a more trustworthy source than going directly to the website even. For years companies were able to hire people to post positive feedback, but in today’s time, we want authenticity, we want the truth. Whenever a person wants to post a review on Google business, they must create a Google account and sign in to leave their remarks. This is very time consuming and has really cut down on paid fake testimonials. In some cases people leave their full names, so if you really want to investigate; you could probably even message these folks on messenger and get your concerns addressed there.

Aside from word of mouth and testimonials, I can truly say that The Best Psychic Site. Com strives to give our potential clients a free glimpse into getting to know our psychics through our free weekly shows on Facebook and Instagram. Some of our gifted readers also sign onto to do free cam readings. All of this free psychic access allows you to connect and get to know your psychic before you make an investment in them. I suggest that you look for companies willing to have transparency like we do. Why give your hard earned cash to someone you are not sure you are going to like?
Beware of Scammers
As with anything or anyone in life, there are good folks and bad folks. I believe there are certainly more good people in this world than bad, but sometimes we just happen to have a bad guy cross our paths. My definition of a bad psychic is someone who takes advantage of another human being by playing on their emotions while steadily sucking the cash out of their victim’s pocket. Now, let me tell you, there must be a fair even exchange of course. You as the consumer should never expect anything for free. You need to understand that this is a person’s job. You are paying them for their valuable time and we all have placed different values on ourselves. For example in the mainstream world, some executives get paid $75,000 a year some $500,000, a person’s salary depends on what ones perception of their value is. It’s the same in the psychic industry. You might see a psychic for $10 or $1000 this does not mean that one is better than the other it’s just the value that they have placed on themselves is either greater than or lesser than . A pretty bottom line normal rate is generally $2 per minute but like I said you may have some that charge much more. Please understand, the price DOES NOT determine how good they are. Keep that in mind when searching for the Best Psychic Site out there.

Now, with that being said, anyone who tries to up sell you things such as saving your soul, or saving your marriage, doing love spells , etc. for thousands of dollars is some you need to run fast from . Believe me, I have had my own personal learning experiences with this and all I can say is to not allow anyone to play on your emotions. People are only as powerful as you allow them to be and the answers to your problems always lie within you.

A good psychic will help uncover your hidden answers by shedding light on the issues at hand as they see them and by telling you which direction you are heading. Getting this information is very helpful because you can ALWAYS change the course or direction you are going by just making the choice to do so. The best psychics will always inform you about “free will”. You are free to change anything and everything you have going on in your life. No one else can do this except for you. It’s a magical gift that we all posses. If a situation is not going the way you want it to, you need to look at it deeply and ask yourself “how can I change this to be the way I want”? Everything in your life can be changed at any moment. Just remember though, you have the right to change YOUR life but not the life and choice of others. Everyone is on their own journey, some people are meant to be with us and some are just not. Like the saying goes:

“People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you will know what to do.”

If you don’t know what to do, then a good psychic will be able to help you determine which people are staying and which ones are leaving. Save yourself some heart ache and just don’t try to keep something that is not meant to be. Don’t invest in spells and such, especially if they are coming to you at a crazy price. Also if you are pushing something that is not meant to be, the karmic price will be worse than your $1000+ investment your scam psychic is charging you.

Be smart and vigilante when choosing a psychic!
What if I didn’t like my Reading?
This really IS going to happen from time to time. You might choose someone that you just do not connect with. But let me explain something to you, not connecting with someone is different than not wanting to hear or being able to accept the information you are being told. You normally know within the first 2-3 minutes if you are going to connect with someone and a good respectful psychic will tell you within that time frame if they are going to be able to give you a good reading or not. If the reading starts off in the wrong direction, you should be able to get your money back. A reputable company or psychic should have no problem returning your money after 2-3 minutes. Now, if by chance you use your entire time, then you really should not expect your money back. Also you should not get nasty or arrogant if your reader is telling you something you don’t want to hear. There is a difference between being wrong and a reader being right but the information just wasn’t what you wanted to hear. If you are not ready to hear someone say what you already know deep inside, then you should not invest in meeting with a psychic.

How should I prepare for a psychic reading?

You should realize by now that different people have different gifts, meaning they have different ways to receive messages from spirit/God. For more information about “gifts” please refer to the first question on this page, “What is a psychic? “

After you educated yourself on the types of psychics, choose one with the skill set that will most benefit you to answer your questions. Read a person’s biography, read the testimonials or jump on Facebook, go to Best Psychic Sites page and send a message. Tell us what questions you have and we will suggest the right reader for you!

I’d suggest writing down some of your questions because normally at the end of a reading, if you have time left your reader will ask you if you had any questions that did not get answered.

Do yourself a big favor and record your session. This is so very helpful to have so that you can reflect back on what was said. From time to time you will want to replay back your session to help keep you on the right path, or as a reminder of what is to come and what order. It will save you money in the long run from you having to call that reader back to ask them what they had said because you have forgotten.

The most important suggest I have for you is to come with an opened mind. If you are a person who is negative, a nay sayer, someone who lives life to prove others wrong, then this is not something for you. People like this very rarely find satisfaction in any part of life and therefore we ask that you do not use our service because nothing we say or do will satisfy your needs. Be honest with yourself about who you are and what you searching for, we are professionals and want to only see the greatest outcome for you in your life!
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Best Psychic Site was created by people who have a passion for helping others. Our Mission is to provide to you access to the best psychics from around the world. Quality, accuracy, and meeting your emotional, physical and spiritual needs are our goal.

  • Eileen: “…she is the real deal! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for direction in relationships or careers. She has helped me in both and provided me with great insights and HOPE. She has provided me the inner tools I needed to get back on track!”
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  • Nellie: “Best Psychic Site in Phoenixville, PA! Every time, I'm amazed by the accuracy of her predictions. Last time she told me when Venus aligns with the sun I would conceive and indeed I am now pregnant! Thank you Psychic Maxx Angenetta Jones for predicting the birth of my child!”
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