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Best Psychic Site began as an idea
between two friends, Kimberly Beattie
and Maxx Angenetta Jones, who wish to bring
a better quality of life by making the gift of
intuitive guidance to anyone, anywhere,
at any time.
Kimberly Beattie has over 25 years of extensive business experience. Her success in business, and incredible track record in both business success and customer relations, is driven by her desire to help people achieve their goals and be their best selves.

Maxx Angenetta Jones began using her intuitive sense to help people to gain clarity and direction. Realizing her gifts were changing the lives of those she intuitively counsels, bringing psychic gifts to more people seemed to be the next logical step. Along her journey, Maxx met many gifted and talented psychics.

As a result of great friendship, a shared desire to use divine gifts to help others, and a strong sense of empathy, Kim and Maxx created Best Psychic Site, knowing they could bring the gifts of these talented psychics to more people all over the world.

After seeing how their collaboration positively impacted others, they've decided to take BPS to a new level. Now, clients will be able to explore psychic services online, book an online psychic reading, or ask for intuitive advice.

Reliable psychic readings can offer fresh insights which you otherwise may not have known.. Kim and Maxx have solved that problem! They have carefully tested and screened many applicants to bring you the most talented choices in online readers and psychics. Online tarot readings and online mediums give you many ways to gain intuitive guidance, and to create the life you want!