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Psychic Reader commonly asked questions

Watch this 5 minute video on how on complete your registration

Watch this 2 minute video on how to upload your profile picture

What we need to approve your account:

1) Required Documents. Profile Photo, W-9 form (if within the United States) and Photo ID, showing your face and name. 


  • Your Photo ID must be a clean clear high quality image of your face. We do not accept pictures of objects.
  • All documents have to be uploaded at the same time. I.E. You cannot upload one image then another at a later date.

2) Account Settings. Fill in your Time Zone, Contact Settings and Payment Options

3) Profile. Fill in all these fields. To edit or change your profile, click the Edit My Profile button

4) Chat Settings. Set your price per minute for private chat. Your Welcome Message is the message viewers see when they enter your room or go to your web pages.

5) Schedule Your Interview. A mandatory skype interview is required for your account approval.

Only do this when all the above steps are completed. If you are having techinical issues, send a detailed email to

Schedule Your Interview here

‚ÄčTo view the Reader Terms and Conditions, click here.

This is a list of commonly asked question for Psychic Readers on BestPsychicSite.  


What payment methods are offered?
If you are within the United States, we offer ACH and PayPal. If you are outside of the United States, we offer PayPal only. 

When and how often are we paid?
You are paid weekly by Thursday for the previous week’s transactions. The week starts on Sunday 12:01AM and end Saturday midnight – Eastern Standard Time

What percentage am I paid?
You will receive 50% of the total Private Session sales

You are paid weekly by Thursday for the previous week’s transactions. The week starts on Sunday 12:01AM and end Saturday midnight – Eastern Standard Time

Do I need to do both phone and cam readings?
We offer both cam and phone sessions but you can elect to do one or the other or both.

Viewers are offered both free and private sessions; am I paid for this?
You do not get paid for free sessions. This is your opportunity to pursuade the viewer into a paying private session. There are no free sessions via the telephone.

Are taxes withheld?
No. You are an independent contractor and are responsible for your own taxes.

What is the rate per minute that the customer pays?
You set your own rate. But, the options are range from  $1 to $4 per minute in 50¢ increments. If you require a higher rate, please contact us via email. 

How do I become a reader on Best Psychic Site?
Follow these few simple steps:
1)    Fill out the simple application found here:
2)    Upload one high quality image of yourself. This is the image that will be seen through the entire site. So, but some effort into it. This must me an image of you and NOT of an object
3)    Upload a photoID showing your face, address and date of birth.
4)    Fill you’re your profile
5)    Select your Private price per minute
6)    Request an interview using this link

If a client is refunded, is it debited from my payment?
This depends. If the dispute is over the quality and performance of your reading, then yes, you will be debited the percentage you were paid.