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Were you born with natural psychic abilities or extrasensory talents and a passion for helping people? Are you a gifted astrologer or fortune teller? Maybe you are a medium or an expert birth chart, tarot card, tea leaf, or rune reader?

Use your spiritual gifts of psychic readings to to bring clarity and empowerment to others!
Becoming an online psychic consultant will take your gifts to a greater audience, creating abundance from your passion.

Intuitive guidance is sought and searched online for by thousands daily. People who need clarity and advice in career, family, relationships, and major life decisions, turn to the web to find a connection that fulfills this need. They have questions about their destiny, life path, even passed loved ones. They seek validation and guidance from a trusted, proven, caring online psychics.

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Working as Psychic

We make it easy for you to fill this need!

Imagine helping as many people as you want, from wherever you are, while earning income as an online psychic reader. All you have to do is join our team and put in the effort that matches your desired income.

Grow your psychic talents into a business (or rapidly expand your current one) without the hard work of setting up, running and maintaining that business. Building your own client base and marketing platforms from scratch is tedious and time consuming and EXPENSIVE.

So let us do that.

You don't have to find your clients. We bring them to you.

You set your schedule to work remotely as little or as often as you would like.

You set your own fees.

Whether you're a crystal reader, can see auras, connect with passed loved ones, read past lives, pendulums, fortunes or other spiritual modalitIes, and want to jumpstart your career with Best Psychic Site, apply here to be an online psychic.

What does it take to work as a Psychic for Best Psychic Site?

With a variety of ways to connect to your clients, such as online chat, email, or phone; growing a great reputation and high income has never been more simple and more efficient.

With Best Psychic Site, you'll only need to tap in and connect. We provide the tools, clients, and marketing that will bring your business to the next level.

Best Psychic Site has over 22 years industry experience. Our new cutting edge platform is an exciting way to get your name out there, provide excellent service to your clients, and grow your income at your own pace. Join your colleagues in reaching more clients and opportunities to use your gifts!

What Comes Next? Getting set up as an online psychic reader

When applying to Best Psychic Site, you'll create an online profile. Be sure to include information about yourself that will showcase your unique talents. Share your experience, successes, qualifications, and areas of study or interest. Personalize your profile to show your style and personality! You'll be prompted to upload a photo of yourself. Remember, this is the first impression for a potential client who is trying to find the right psychic for him or her. Photos should be clear, clean and only of you.

We are extremely discerning in applications -only the best most qualified will be accepted. For this reason we require either a phone or Skype interview.

People who seek psychic advice can search for you by your rating, rate per minute, modality, or keyword. Your personal profile will appear in a list of available psychic consultants from which clients can choose. The more often you are online, the more visibility you will have. More visibility can fast track the growth of your book of clients!

Registering with Best Psychic Site will connect you to an expansive network of talented psychics, give you freedom to make your own schedule, and have a solid business foundation that relieves you of the tedious business side of using your intuitive skills to make a living.

Psychic Reader FAQs